We are
HACCP Certified


Food Safety

Relianz Foods received its HACCP accreditation in 2012. This is an on-going process, monitored by independent audits, which ensures that our customers will always receive products of high food-safety standards.

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is an internationally recognized program for effectively controlling food quality and safety. Originally developed for NASA to ensure that astronauts food supplies were safe, this management principal is widely recognized as one of the top food safety standards in the food manufacturing industry. HACCP systematically identifies and controls food hazards – biological, chemical or physical. Critical control points are identified starting from raw materials, storage and processing all the way through to distribution. Whenever there is any deviation in any of the processes, corrective actions are applied to protect the integrity of the food safety system. HACCP is relevant to all sectors of the food industry, including primary producers, manufacturers, processors and food service operators and distributors who want to demonstrate their compliance with national or international food legislation requirements.

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